International Summer Institute, SNU, Korea


  • Since its establishment in 2007, more than two thousand students from around the world have participated in the SNU ISI program to learn, experience, and enjoy for an unforgettable summer of academics, activities, and long-lasting friendships.

    SNU ISI presents a unique opportunity for students to experience academic life at Seoul National University, Korea’s most prestigious university and one of the leading universities in the world. SNU ISI’s intensive six-week summer program taught by distinguished SNU and visiting faculty members offers its participants the chance to learn in depth from experts on Korea and East Asia, as well as a range of topics from the disciplines of Economics and Business Management to History, Politics, Sociology, and Arts. SNU ISI also provides courses on Korean language and traditional arts, for students wishing acquire or advance their Korean language abilities while immersing Korea’s contemporary and traditional culture.

Courses (

  • All courses are held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  •  All courses have a limited quota of 40 students, apart from Korean Arts (20) and Korean Language (limitless).
  •  All SNU ISI lectures are conducted in English.
  •  Courses are subject to change, and any changes will be notified on this website.
  •  Courses with less than 3 students may be subject to cancellation.
  •  Time slots
    A = 9:00am-12:00pm(noon)
    B = 13:00pm-16:00pm
    C = 16:00pm-18:00pm


All fees can be paid in either Korean won (KRW) or US dollar (USD) via wire-transfer.

Mandatory Fees
Application Fee KRW 200,000 (USD 180)
Tuition Fee KRW 1,200,000 (USD 1,100)
1 Course (2 Credits)

KRW 1,800,000 (USD 1,600)
1 Course (3 Credits)

KRW 2,400,000 (USD 2,200)
2 Course (4 Credits)

KRW 3,600,000 (USD 3,200)
2-3 Courses (up to 8 Credits)

Optional Fees
On-campus Housing (SNU Dormitory) KRW 900,000 (USD 800)
Off-campus Housing (Studio Apartment) KRW 700,000 (USD 600)
Field Trip KRW 300,000 (USD 260)



SNU ISI offers a variety of scholarships to prospective students. Please check below to see if there are any scholarships that may apply to you. There are additional scholarships not listed below offered to partner and non-partner universities depending on the year, so please contact your study abroad office for more information.

Early Registration Scholarship

Students who submit their completed online applications and make payment of program fees by the deadline below will automatically receive exemption of the application fee.

Early Registration Scholarship Deadlines

By 17:00, April 4, 2017 (Seoul time)- Submission of completed online application and fully payment of program fees received by SNU ISI

*Students who submit the completed online application, but fail to complete payment of program fee by April 4, 2017 will be issued a new program fee invoice that includes the application fee on April 5, 2017. Once the new invoice is sent, the student’s eligibility for the early registration scholarship is cancelled.
**International wire-transfer can take up to 1 week to be processed. Please send a scanned copy of the receipt for wire-transfer of program fees issued by the bank to let us know that you have completed payment of program fees.

General Scholarships

Type SNU ISI Returnee Scholarship Sibling Scholarship SNU Alumni Scholarship
Eligibility Students who previously attended SNU ISI 1. Siblings who enroll at SNU ISI together OR
2. Students whose sibling has previously attended SNU ISI
Students whose parent has completed a regular degree program at SNU
(SNU Alumnus)
Scholarship Amount 20% of tuition fee 20% of tuition fee 20% of tuition fee
Required Documents – Copy of the Certificate of Completion from previous SNU ISI program – Proof of family relationship
(for case 2, also a copy of the sibling’s Certificate of Completion from previous SNU ISI program)
– Proof of family relationship
– Copy of the parent’s Certificate of Graduation from SNU
*Students can only benefit from one of the three General Scholarships, even if they are eligible for more than one of the above.
**All required documents must be submitted by uploading in the online application.

Partner University Scholarships

AUF/AEURU/APRU Member University Scholarship

Students who are currently enrolled in member universities of the following university networks will automatically receive a 10% tuition discount.
– Asian Universities Forum (List of Member Universities)
– Association of East Asian Research Universities (List of Member Universities)
– Association of Pacific Rim Universities (List of Member Universities)

Strategic Partner University Scholarship

Please check with your study abroad office to see if you are eligible for a scholarship for SNU ISI.

*Students can benefit from both a General Scholarship and a Partner University Scholarship if they are eligible for both.

Special Scholarships

1) SNU Foundation Scholarship (SNUF Scholarship)

Applications for SNUF Scholarship should be submitted AFTER ARRIVAL at SNU.
SNU ISI offers a special, one-time scholarship funded by the SNU Foundation in America (SNU Foundation, Inc) for the promotion of education. This scholarship will be awarded during the current year’s program.
Eligibility A) US Citizen whose parent is SNU alumni, or B) US Citizen of non-Korean ethnicity
Scholarship Amount – Approximately US$1,500 per student (wire-transfer processing fees will be deducted)
– Maximum number of awardees: Eleven (11) students
How to Apply Submit required documents in person at the SNU ISI office after program starts,
by July 10, 2017
Required Documents Scholarship Application
– Copy of Passport
– Free-style Essay on how the SNU ISI program fits into your academic and/or life goals (500 words)
– Parent’s SNU graduation certificate (for Eligibility A)
– (Optional) Official government issued documents proving financial need (print-out of electronic copies will be accepted)
Selection Criteria – Students of good academic standing based on official transcripts already submitted to SNU ISI
– Contents of free-style essay
– Additional consideration will be given to students who have financial needs

For more details, please visit the website:


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