International Summer Campus, KU, Korea

Korea University International Summer Campus (KU ISC) provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion during the summer months. It offers one semester’s load of work condensed into six weeks and four weeks, during which renowned academics teach both domestic and international students. This program is open to current college students who wish to study in Korea but may not be able to do so during the regular academic year.

The core of ISC rests in the quality of its courses, faculty members and students. Academic credits earned at ISC are recognized worldwide and are typically transferred to the students’ home institutions. About 120 course offerings cover a wide range of subjects pertaining to international issues, with a particular emphasis on Business, Economics, Humanities, Sociology, Fine Art, International Relations, Science and Korean Studies. International faculty members from prestigious universities in the US, Europe and Asia provide students with world-class education and research experience.

4-week & 6-week Track

KU ISC offers a special 4-week course track program designed for those who are not able to participate in our standard 6-week program due to a time conflicts with their summer plans. Also, it is possible to combine a 4-week track course with a 6-week track course. The only differences between the two programs are the program period, class time, and the number of courses. There is no difference in tuition and credits.

Course Timetable
5 (Including Korean Language)
6 weeks
100 minutes per class
9:00 am ~ 10:40 am
10:50 am ~ 12:30 pm
1:10 pm ~ 2:50 pm
3:00 pm ~ 4:40 pm
4:50 pm ~ 6:30 pm
4 weeks
150 minutes per class
10:50 am ~ 1:20 pm
2:00 pm ~ 4:30 pm
4:50 pm ~ 7:20 pm
※ Auditing is NOT permitted under any circumstances.
Fees for KU ISC Students
Application Fee

1 course
KRW 100,000
(Appx. USD 90)

KRW 1,600,000
(Appx. USD 1,380)

KRW 1,700,000
(Appx. USD 1,470)
2 courses
KRW 100,000
(Appx. USD 90)

KRW 2,800,000
(Appx. USD 2,550)

KRW 2,900,000
(Appx. USD 2,640)
3 courses
KRW 100,000
(Appx. USD 90)

KRW 3,700,000
(Appx. USD 3,360)

KRW 3,800,000
(Appx. USD 3,450)
Accommodation Fees
CJ International House
Frontier House
Global House
Room Type
4 Weeks
KRW 1,015,000
(Appx. USD 870)

KRW 696,000
(Appx. USD 590)

KRW 696,000
(Appx. USD 590)

KRW 609,000
(Appx. USD 520)
6 Weeks
KRW 1,170,000
(Appx. USD 1,000)

KRW 990,000
(Appx. USD 845)

KRW 990,000
(Appx. USD 845)

KRW 764,000
(Appx. USD 655)
※ Due to limited room availability, the dormitory is not guaranteed if you fail to complete the entire payment by the application deadline.
Academic Excellence Award
KU ISC Students Pre-College Students
Students with 3 Courses
All A+
KRW 1,500,000
(Appx. USD 1,360)
Average A
KRW 1,000,000
(Appx. USD 910)
Students with 2 or 3 courses
Above A
KRW 500,000 (Appx. USD 450)
Students with 2 Courses
All A+
KRW 500,000 (Appx. USD 450)
To be informed to the beneficiaries
After the program ends
Alumni Scholarship
Both KU ISC and Pre-College Students
Children of Korea University Alumni
KRW 400,000
(Appx. USD 360)
(Students who have completed at least one course with the passing grade)
ㆍAlumni Scholarship Form
ㆍBirth Certificate
(showing the relationship between the student and his/her parents)
After the program ends
Required documents should be submitted to the ISC office in person or via email/fax BEFORE the end of the program in order to receive the scholarship.
Exchange students or any students whose tuition is waived are not eligible for Academic Excellence Scholarship.
Those who are eligible for both Academic Excellence Award and Alumni Scholarship will automatically be awarded the one with the higher amount.
KU Faculty discount students are not eligible for Academic Excellence Scholarship.

For more details, please visit the website:


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